Wednesday, 3 July 2013

UKBA figures reveal huge levels of racism.

The recent revelations from Brixton based immigration law firm
Virgo Consultancy Services Ltd  that the majority are foreign nationals detained in London in tenmonth period 2013 were not provided access to immigration legal advice as is their rights under Police and Criminal Evidence Act. 

Through a Freedom of Information to the Metropolitan Police Service Virgo
tuncovered that 5834 individuals were arrested for immigration offences during this period.  The number recorded as having a solicitor is 1900 that leaves 3484 people who were denied legal advice to which they are entitled in law.

SLIM has had sight of the information and cursory analysis of the figures
 provided demonstrates that Asian and African people are the main targets of UKBA immigration officers. It is believed that the over representation of Black people in the figures provided provides evidence that the numbers are inflated by UKBA targeting Asian and Black businesses. This is at odds with the public perception that immigration is largely now focussed on Eastern Europeans . What these figures demonstrate is that whatever the particular articulation of the press and politicians, the reality of enforcement work by immigration officer is focused on Asian and Black communities.

The total number of Asian, Black and non white peoples arrested during this time is 4643 The figurers expose the deep institution racism within UKBA and the relentless operational and enforcement focus on targeting non whites foreign national. The public perception within
Black Asian and ethnic minority communities is that the UKBA being driven by a Coalition Government that is intent on whipping up hysteria on the issue of immigration are targeting Asian, Black and ethnic minority businesses for enforcement actions and ignoring business that employ people from the white Commonwealth nations.

Much like the Metropolitan Police Services Stop and Search, UKBA is seeking to meet the targets set by government by concentrating on what it sees as " low hanging fruit".The Government have recently beefed up UKBA deportation Squads who are now engaged in a massive drive to target non white illegal immigration. Such raids cause great anxiety, anger and upset in our communities whilst the discriminatory focus on Asian and Black businesses is destroying much needed economic activity in our communities.

In response to the unchecked racism of UKBA we are keen to establish a telephone tree early warning system throughout South London that can act as an early warning system that can alert businesses to the fact that UKBA deportation squads are operating in the area.  If you are interested in joining our network contact me

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