Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Immigration Raids in South London

SLIM  A New Campaign Supporting Immigrant Refugees and Asylum Seekers

South London Black and ethnic minority business are being constantly targetted by UKBA Immigration squads. This is resulting in business feeling both harassed and intimidated and is leading to business closing down when they are caught employing someone who is illegal.  The issue here is why aren't the UKBA targeting the bars and restaurants  in the West End of London where Australian and New Zealanders overstayers work in far greater numbers? These two nationalities constitute the largest group of illegal overstayers in the UK and yet we hear nothing in the press or from our politicians about  their presence in the UK.

Instead there is a disproportionate focus by UKBA on small black and ethnic minority business that highlights a level of institutionalised racism within UKBA and the Home Office. Why else would such a large group of overstayers be ignored and focus given instead to African., Caribbean and Asian businesses?

I am seeking to pull together volunteers into SLIM to provide a campaigning lead, rejecting the constant demonisation of immigrants , asylum seekers and refugees. The rise of UKIP,  negative press reporting and the current Governments focus on clamping down on immigrants is dividing our communities.

It is vital that the counter argument is put and we lead a positive debate about the necessity for humane immigration policy.

The level of illegal settlement in London is now so large that it is impossible for the UKBA to effectively tackle. Rather than wasting public money seeking to remove relatively small numbers of people who have been settled hear for years, we should regularise their status and allow them to work.

There are far to many people who are caught in the twilight world of criminality as a consequence of being denied recourse to public funds and housing. What has emerged is a burgeoning illegal economy where violence and exploitation are rife .

Immigrant communities can and do make an invaluable contribution to our way of like in the UK. There should be a amnesty for these here now, enabling them to work and contribute to society.

We are thing of holding a public meeting in support of immigrants in Lambeth but we need practical help. we would also like to hear of cases that exemplify unfair treatment by UKBA. This isn in an effort to build the broadest possible alliance of all those who oppose the Governments draconian immigration policies and the current demonisation of our communities.

We are also intending to build up a news database of these types of raids taking place in our community and post up any news on local campaigns or initiatives.

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