Friday, 16 August 2013

Lies, damnable lies and Immigration statistics.

The debate about immigration rages and yet there is hope that the British public don't like the rancid politics of racism and hatred.

As Labour twists in the wind on the issue of immigration desperately trying to appear tougher on the issue than the Tories. In the context of deepening austerity this is an potentially incendiary strategy as events across Europe have proven of late where rates violent racism, Islamophobia and fascism have exploded.

The reality is that the majority albeit, the silent majority at the moment, of British people support fair and compassionate treatment of immigration. The politicians know they cannot deport an estimated 1m illegal immigrants and their families and yet they continue to deceive the British public offering the false hope that they can 'control' immigration without economic cost to the country.

This is a blatant lie and one that is inflaming community relations nationwide. Immigrant make a net contribution to the economy and the attempts by all parties to legitimise racist sentiment by feeding misinformation to the public is simply reprehensible.

Here is a good article in the New Statesman that touches upon some of these issue. Read more here 

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