Wednesday, 24 April 2013

SLIM a new network that supports migrant communities and opposes racism

This new network is seeking to provide a positive platform for those wishing to support refugee and migrant communities and individuals who are subjected to discriminatory and arbitrary justice at the hands of the UK's draconian immigration legalisation.

We are seeking your support in highlighting immigration abuses and injustice.

Immigration law, now extends into local schools, hospitals and the workplace. The denial by the Government, of some migrants ability to work or access to public funds, has plunged many, into a exploitative criminal underworld that sees vulnerable members of our communities, being subject to ruthless exploitation.

The UK immigration system, is routinely denying basic human rights to hundreds of thousands of migrants, sometimes leading to loss of life as a result of illegal and inappropriate deportations.

At at time of economic crisis, it is important that the politically manufactured climate of scapegoating migrants, is challenged by a positive campaign that focuses on human rights, equality, justice and the benefits that migrants make to British society.

We will be organising public awareness campaigns about the injustice faced by immigrants and asylum seekers.  We are also keen to develop an early warning alert system that lets people know that deportation squads are in a local area.

We are keen to support the campaign for an amnesty for all illegal immigrants

We need volunteers and activists to join us . We will be meeting in initially in central Brixton to organise and plan our actvities.

If you are interested in joining us then email us at and follow us on Twitter @SlimCampaign or on Facebook here

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